Automate Your Commercial Waste Business

RecycleERP is a waste and recycling management software application to help streamline ordering and logistics, increase customer loyalty and sales, and simplify customer reporting.

RecycleERP waste management software
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Why RecycleERP?

Mobile App & Portal

Provide customers with a branded mobile app and web portal to place orders, view charts, and run reports.

Increase Sales

Reduce manual reporting and order phone calls. Give sales reps more time to sell! Manage sales staff with activity tracking features.

Multi-Level Reporting

Track every transaction and roll up key metrics for waste and recycling activities. Eliminate time spent manually creating reports.

Simplify Service Requests

Allow customers to request service and send electronic notifications to vendors. Automate customer emails, reduce phone time, and easily identify potential service issues. Check out our dispatch module if you manage a fleet.

Custom Pricing & Billing

Set up pricing for individual customer services or mass pricing by commodity. Handle billing, rebates, market pricing, formula pricing, % of parent pricing, admin fees, split vendor orders, broker pricing, and offer sheet pricing.

Reduce Costs, Move Faster

RecycleERP is a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS), which means there’s no hardware to purchase or maintain—and no additional IT staff required. SaaS is a lower cost alternative to developing a custom app.

RecycleERP Overview

Explore RecycleERP, an all-in-one waste management Software as a Service (SaaS).
Designed for daily operations management, process improvement, and business growth.

Service request list in RecycleERP

Service Requests

Requests for service can be placed on the mobile app, customer portal, or the internal portal. Internal users can see all requests for service, which vendor/driver is assigned, the status, and pickup complete details.

Customer invoice in RecycleERP


The billing module ties the vendor invoice and customer invoice together at the service level, allowing a business to see the profit margin for each service. Software handles rebate checks from vendors and to customers. Charges from multiple vendors can be aggregated on one customer invoice. Built-in interfaces for popular financials applications.

Recycling metrics report from RecycleERP

Reports & dashboards

Customers love our reports! Customer reporting becomes self-service or push-button by the sales reps. Corporate and site level reporting. Reports run fast and download in Microsoft Excel. Reports can be scheduled to be sent daily, weekly, monthly to customers or internal users. Dashboard charts automatically generate with a customer’s data when the customer logs in.

Sales activity in RecycleERP

Sales activity

Sales reps can use our Customer Snapshot page to view customer services, invoices, vendors, orders, contacts, and sales tracking activities. No more waiting on people to get information! Some of our sales tools include proposal generation, profiles, sales activity tracking, and baseline spend tracking.

Edit customer record in RecycleERP

Customer database

Track everything about your customer in one place: parent company, contacts, billing information, equipment, dispatch information, sales activity, email history, surveys, documents.

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Satisfied Customers

  • “RecycleERP has been an incredible company to partner with. The technology that they offer is easy to integrate and its capabilities are robust. The portal that we developed together has proven to be easy to manage and cost effective. Moreover, Maria and her team are not only professional but are a pleasure to work with. We no longer consider them as merely partners: They are our friends.”

    Steve B, President at Integrated Recycling
  • "As a partner with RecycleERP for more than 5 years, it allowed us to modernize and improve our processes. The ability to automatically email updates related to service request received, completed and reschedules has been key to effective communications with our clients. It provides our employees more time to proactively address business needs. RecycleERP is improving all process from Sales to Operations and all the way through our back-office activities. Visibility of the entire transaction from receiving a service request to billing the client has improved our efficiency. The document management and online approval process allows us to keep moving forward regardless of where we are physically located. It is so great that a company our size can be at the leading edge with technology."

    Jeremy B, CFO – So Cal Recycling Company

Accelerate Sales Growth, Minimize Cost & Complexity

Leverage Technology & Increase Customer Satisfaction

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Retain customers through technology

Customers’ expectations for technology are higher than ever. Provide your customers with the technology that they want. RecycleERP gives you a mobile application and customer portal that’s branded with your logo. Make it easy for them to request service and view reports and charts.

Keep sales staff focused on selling

Eliminate manual reporting and free up more time for selling. Empower sales reps with finger-tip access to customer, order, and invoicing data. Create accountability by tracking sales activity.

Build healthier customer relationships

Increase customer satisfaction with more communication. RecycleERP includes automated email communication on orders, offer sheets, invoices, and reports. Sales activity tracking features keep sales teams in the loop about account history.

Make Life Easier for Your Customers

Give customers a smartphone app to request and track service requests with RecycleERP.

Request Service

Mobile service request view in RecycleERP

Track Service

Mobile service status in RecycleERP

RecycleERP Demo

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