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Carbon Savings

Carbon savings dashboard in RecycleERP
Carbon savings report from RecycleERP
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Automatically Track MTCO2E and Equivalencies

Waste brokers play an increasingly important role in their clients’ sustainability and environmental initiatives. Tracking key metrics like metric tons of carbon equivalent (MTCO2E) can be difficult without the right tools. RecycleERP simplifies carbon tracking for waste and recycling programs by providing:

  • Prebuilt calculations based on the EPA WARM model
  • Intuitive charts and reports
  • Automated updates as approved transaction data arrives
  • Support for custom carbon savings models

Looking for a better way to handle your clients’ carbon savings reporting? Contact us to schedule a demo of this feature.

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Simplify Carbon Savings with RecycleERP

RecycleERP can help you automate waste-related carbon savings calculations. Select your preferred model, link the material type and treatment method, and let RecycleERP handle the rest. Charts and reports update automatically as transaction data is released via approved customer invoices. 

What is RecycleERP?

Waste brokers can use RecycleERP to automate a variety of reporting tasks, including carbon saving calculations. Intuitive graphs and exportable reports give waste brokers and their clients useful insights into their recycling programs. Schedule a demo of RecycleERP or learn about other modules.