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Optional Modules

RecycleERP offers a variety of add-on modules in addition to our standard functionality. Contact us to request a demo or custom price quote.


Automate dispatch scheduling, truck assignment, and monitoring. Automate communications with drivers, customers, and sales reps. App for drivers.

Pallet Tracking

Designed for customers with large quantities of pallets (i.e. distribution centers). Vendor/Customer app for load tracking and loss prevention.

Financial System API

Built-in interfaces for commonly used financial/accounting systems.

Scale Ticket API & Ticket Entry

Interface with your scale ticket system to match tickets with service requests for easier reporting, billing, and auditing.

Trailer Number Tracking

Tracks trailers dropped and picked up. Visibility to trailer locations.

Equipment Maintenance

Track maintenance performed and costs related to equipment, as well as make, model, year, financed, licenses.

Commodity Offer Sheets

Increase your marketing by sending personalized price/offer sheets to customers on a monthly/weekly basis.

Commodity Billing

Option to bill by commodity across your customer base, in addition to being able to price some customers/services individually.

Email Blast

Market to your current or potential customer base with automated emails from their sales reps. Use our built-in filters to target specific types of customers.


Easily create proposals from templates, email, and have the customer accept from an email. Document storage for easy retrieval by billing department.

Vendor Certificate of Insurance

Reduce your liability by tracking vendor certificates of insurance (COI), expiration dates, automated expiration emails, and document repository.


Setup profiles into your facility or vendor facility. Automated email and approval process.

Baseline Savings

Automate the baseline process by tracking spend against pre-contract spend with optional tonnage normalization. Includes graphs and reports.

Site Surveys

Roll on customers faster with site surveys that customers or sales reps can enter. Setup your own custom survey questions.

Knowledgeable IT Staff

If you need to track additional data or create reports in specific formats for corporate accounts, we’re happy to help.