Get to Know RecycleERP

Why We Developed RecycleERP

The RecycleERP application was created to provide IT tools to small and medium-sized businesses so they can compete with larger businesses. When the recession of 2008 hit the automotive industry hard, many existing waste companies reduced their staff, resulting in entrepreneurial account managers starting their own businesses. After being approached many times to build software for them, the founder of RecycleERP decided to do it. The software had to be cost-effective and easy for these small businesses. The software was architected so it could be white labeled to a specific company and hosted so the small business doesn’t have to do anything technical.

From Basic Reporting to Automating Sales Growth

Most of our original customers just wanted software to track their waste/recycling volumes to report back to customers because they were spending so much time compiling manual reports each month. As the RecycleERP team has added functionality, we discovered that the order automation made a huge difference in freeing sales rep time. Suddenly, those businesses were seeing a jump in sales because their sales reps had more time to focus on selling and account analysis.

Empowering Customer Service and Operations Teams

Our medium-sized customers were finding other operational benefits in the software. Previously, system access was often limited to those who absolutely needed it or didn’t exist at all, resulting in having to get the information about orders, billing, and volumes from one person. Putting this information in RecycleERP empowered employees to be able to answer customer service issues, place orders, and see volume data on their own. This allowed key employees to be more effective at their jobs.

Increasing Performance and Efficiency

Our dispatch module has helped customers with their own fleet of trucks increase service performance. In one instance, our customer was manually dispatching trucks, trying to track as orders came in, who it should be assigned to, and calling drivers throughout the day to see where they were and if they had picked up loads. We gave the dispatcher a page for him to look at all the orders received, drag-and-drop the orders to trucks/drivers, and email out individual driver schedules, as well as emails out to other internal employees that may need visibility of loads that day. To help the dispatcher communicate with the drivers better, we gave the drivers a mobile app to click a button when the load is picked up. This kept their dispatcher off of the phone for routine pickup questions. We also had automated emails at different stages of the order to keep customers informed about the status of their orders. Customer satisfaction went up to due to the increased communication and a lower number of missed or rescheduled loads. At a glance, the management team could also see how the dispatch was going that day and look for trends in the data.

Knowledgeable, Helpful Technical Support Team

Our RecycleERP team partners with you to bring IT to your business. Our goal is to help your business grow and provide the IT support you need. Sometimes that’s a tweak in the software, creating a new report, or developing a new module. Our team has a unique mix of IT, operations process, and waste/recycling business experience. We speak waste, we speak recycling, we speak business, and we work our IT magic behind the scenes.

Let’s Grow Together

The RecycleERP software has grown with our customers. As they use the system more, they have more tasks they want to automate. That’s why the dispatch, scale ticket, vendor insurance, industrial waste profiling, proposals, sales activity tracking, and baseline tracking modules were created.

Interested in learning more about RecycleERP? Request a free demo or contact us to speak with a helpful team member.