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Baseline Savings

Baseline savings dashboard in RecycleERP
Baseline savings by facility in RecycleERP
Baseline savings report from RecycleERP
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Instantly Show Clients their Baseline Savings

Cost is a big reason why organizations work with waste brokers. Adjusting treatment methods, pickup schedules, and vendors are ways that waste brokers save clients money, but calculating actual savings versus baseline can be time-consuming and complex. With RecycleERP, waste brokers can streamline their tracking of baseline savings data with:

  • Prebuilt charts and graphs for baseline savings
  • Baseline savings reports for Microsoft Excel
  • Baseline vs. actual vs. proposed savings
  • Transaction-level savings calculations

Does your waste brokerage company need a better way to track baseline savings? Contact us to schedule a demo of this feature.

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Simplify Baseline Savings with RecycleERP

Use RecycleERP to simplify your tracking and reporting of baseline savings. Enter baseline material, tonnage, and cost data for client. Then let RecycleERP crunch the numbers and generate the reports and insights you need.

What is RecycleERP?

Waste brokers can use RecycleERP to streamline their customer interactions, operations, and reporting. Baseline savings graphs and reports help waste brokers demonstrate value with less administrative effort. Schedule a demo of RecycleERP or learn about other modules.