Waste Broker Software

RecycleERP helps waste brokers manage, scale, and grow their operations. Automate order dispatch and time-consuming tasks, give customers an easy way to request service, and focus on revenue-generating activities. 

RecycleERP waste management software
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Simplify Your Waste Brokerage Business

Waste brokers are essential for helping corporations meet sustainability program goals. RecycleERP automates the day-to-day service requests and customer reporting requests, allowing account managers to focus on program goals.

Automated Ordering

Save time with automated ordering, vendor emails, and customer emails.

Mobile App & Portal

Make it easy for customers to place orders, view charts, and run reports.

Billing & Invoicing

Spend less time on manual invoicing. Automate monthly billing for rentals, FEL, etc.

Pricing Management

Review highlighted vendor and customer pricing changes. Manage rebates, formulas, and more. 

Waste Broker CRM

Track your relationships, sales activity, dispatch info, email history, and more.

Profit Tracking

Track profit margin by service, invoice, customer, and corporate.


Enable automated and pre-scheduled reports for customers. Analyze data for your business.


Connect RecycleERP to popular financial apps for additional efficiency.

Document Archive

Scan your invoices and other documentation into RecycleERP to reduce risk.

Intuitive & Easy for Waste Brokers to Use

RecycleERP is a cloud-based software application for waste brokers, recycling companies, and other commercial waste organizations. Streamline customer order dispatch, increase transparency into your profitability, and get more done.

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Satisfied Customers

  • “RecycleERP has been an incredible company to partner with. The technology that they offer is easy to integrate and its capabilities are robust. The portal that we developed together has proven to be easy to manage and cost effective. Moreover, Maria and her team are not only professional but are a pleasure to work with. We no longer consider them as merely partners: They are our friends.”

    Steve B, President at Integrated Recycling
  • "As a partner with RecycleERP for more than 5 years, it allowed us to modernize and improve our processes. The ability to automatically email updates related to service request received, completed and reschedules has been key to effective communications with our clients. It provides our employees more time to proactively address business needs. RecycleERP is improving all process from Sales to Operations and all the way through our back-office activities. Visibility of the entire transaction from receiving a service request to billing the client has improved our efficiency. The document management and online approval process allows us to keep moving forward regardless of where we are physically located. It is so great that a company our size can be at the leading edge with technology."

    Jeremy B, CFO – So Cal Recycling Company

Reduce Admin Work and Stay Focused on Growth

RecycleERP, Software for Waste Brokers

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Empower customers with self-service ordering

Give your customers an easy, web-based solution for placing orders. Spend less time on the phone taking orders. Free up more time for growing your book of business.

Streamline logistics and administrative tasks

RecycleERP can automate many of the time-consuming aspects of running your waste brokerage business. From order management to email notifications and reporting, use RecycleERP to get more done with less effort.

Monitor profitability for each service

Running a profitable waste brokerage business is challenging today’s competitive and complex market. RecycleERP makes it easier to drill down and identify services and other factors that are driving—or detracting from—profitability.

RecycleERP Demo

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