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5 Ways We’ve Customized RecycleERP for Waste Brokers

RecycleERP is more than just a waste management SaaS vendor—we’re a talented, experienced development team that’s focused on helping waste brokers achieve their goals. We do this by delivering great technology, providing excellent support, and remaining open to customization opportunities.

Here are five ways we’ve partnered with waste brokers to customize RecycleERP.

1. Reporting

Some customers need weekly and monthly tonnage breakdowns by facility. Others want metrics that impact their recycling and sustainability goals. And, some customers ask for as much data as they can get. As a result, waste brokers spend a lot of time manually preparing reports in spreadsheets. Simply keeping track of who needs what data (and how often) can feel like an overwhelming administrative task. Reporting is essential to a waste broker’s value proposition, but, without the right tools, it’s time-consuming and complicated.

Flexible reporting can be a competitive advantage for waste brokers. At RecycleERP, we work with waste brokers to understand their customers’ data needs and implement flexible, automated reporting solutions. From sustainability data to material cost and carbon reduction reports, RecycleERP can help you streamline the delivery of insights to customers’ inboxes—all while saving considerable time and effort. Customers can also log in to the RecycleERP portal for on-demand access to downloadable reports.

Corporate recycling metrics report in RecycleERP

2. Emails

Email is still one of the most efficient ways for waste brokers to interact with customers and vendors. However, using your inbox to coordinate dozens of commercial waste orders per day can lead to a huge volume of emails, many of which can (and should) be automated.

Automated emails can boost a waste broker’s productivity and perceived responsiveness. RecycleERP automatically keeps customers and vendors in the loop about important events, such as received and accepted orders. During implementation, we can customize outgoing emails to use your signature line and corporate branding. Emails go through a validation process to avoid deliverability issues.

Delay settings let you decide how much time should pass before emails are distributed. Some RecycleERP customers opt for a 10-minute delay that provides a cushion for dealing with exceptions.

3. Invoicing

Vendor and customer invoicing can be incredibly complex in the commercial waste industry. Supporting a single customer could involve multiple vendors, facilities, services, and invoicing requirements. Multiply this complexity across dozens or hundreds of customers, and it’s not a surprise why invoicing is a pain point for many waste brokers.

Bringing together vendor and customer invoices in one, flexible system can reduce confusion and increase efficiency. RecycleERP enables waste brokers to send visually appealing invoices that meet customers’ unique requirements. Consolidate multiple vendor invoices into a single invoice, provide detailed or summary invoices, extract certain charges into separate invoices, and automatically append backup documentation. Automatically invoice customers via email based on vendor charges and business logic. View a detailed history of your automated invoicing activity without clicking through hundreds of emails. Compare customer and vendor invoicing data to ensure profitable orders.

Customer invoice in RecycleERP

4. Pricing, Rebates, & Surcharges

Negative invoicing is a common situation for waste brokers, especially when accounting for recycling rebates. Spreadsheet formulas involving negative integers are prone to data entry errors that can lead to errant invoices and unhappy customers.

Migrating business logic out of spreadsheets can prevent invoicing mishaps. RecycleERP supports rebate and formula pricing, which allows us to program your business logic into our system. For example, if you operate on a “cost plus 10%” pricing model, we can build logic into RecycleERP so that your customers are automatically billed at 110% of vendor cost. This approach reduces data entry and “formula tinkering,” protects against margin erosion, and ensures highly accurate customer invoicing.

5. APIs & Integrations

Waste brokers rely on a mix of cloud-based and desktop tools to run their businesses. Bookkeeping software, sales and marketing systems, and sustainability software are common examples. Bringing together data from multiple systems represents an opportunity to accelerate efficiency, but that isn’t easy when you’re strapped for time and lack technical know-how.

Leveraging prebuilt APIs and integrations can help waste brokers work smarter. Waste brokers benefit from RecycleERP’s existing APIs and integrations. For example, we offer a connector that automatically pulls approved invoices from RecycleERP into popular bookkeeping software. Our “file upload” capability makes it easier to bring in sales and marketing lists, scale ticket receipts, and mill release numbers.

Need to connect RecycleERP to a different web application? No problem! Our capable development team is just a call or email away. We’re happy to chat about your needs.

Contact us to schedule a demo or learn more about our available integrations.