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4 Reasons Why Waste Brokers Should Use RecycleERP

Stop and think about your typical day.

If you’re not using a tool like RecycleERP, you probably spend a lot of time talking to customers, following up with vendors, preparing reports, chasing down invoices, and dealing with random situations that inevitably pop up. That leaves little time for prospecting, customer acquisition, and strategic planning.

RecycleERP was built for waste brokers like you. Our cloud-based software is easy to use and can help you free up more time to focus on growth. Here are four reasons why we think you should give it a try:

1. Your Time is Too Valuable to Waste

From start to finish, a single order could involve dozens of touchpoints with multiple stakeholders. First, the customer needs to provide the basic order details. Then, it’s on you to find a vendor who is willing to accept the order. Communicating this confirmation back to the customer involves another call or email. Customers also expect to be kept in the loop as their service date arrives. Did something change at the last minute and create an unexpected delay? More emails, phone calls, and stress!

RecycleERP Can Help: Customers can place their service orders through the RecycleERP portal and/or mobile app at any time of day (or night). Vendors are automatically notified of orders via email and are given a time frame to accept. Customers automatically receive confirmation emails within moments of acceptance and pickup. RecycleERP also keeps customers in the loop when service delays occur.

All of this happens behind the scenes—without requiring any manual effort by you. Even better, you’ll get an email in the morning and evening that summarizes recent activity.

2. Reporting Should Be Fast & Easy

Providing accurate data reports is a key part of the value proposition that waste brokers provide. But, waste reporting should not take up a large percentage of your time. Ideally, your customers would receive the right reports, when they need them—but with minimal or no effort by you. Likewise, preparing and distributing internal reports for your own business shouldn’t be a major ordeal.

RecycleERP Can Help: Reports can be scheduled to automatically arrive in customers’ inboxes on a predefined basis, making it possible to fulfill more reporting requests with the same (or less) staff. Customers can log into RecycleERP to prepare their own reports and view dashboards. Reports and charts update automatically as new invoice data is entered into RecycleERP. Our knowledgeable team can even work with you to build custom report templates.

Managing your vendor and customer data in RecycleERP simplifies internal reporting, too, allowing you to easily pinpoint variances in profitability by service. Specialized baseline cost and recycling reports can be useful for demonstrating the value that you provide customers.

3. Customers Want More Communication, Not Less

Communication is a major factor that influences customer satisfaction. But there’s only so much of your time for taking calls and responding to emails—especially if you plan to grow your customer base. Staffing up is always an option, but finding reliable help in today’s tight labor market isn’t easy (or cheap).

RecycleERP Can Help: RecycleERP automatically keeps customers in the loop throughout the entire order lifecycle. Customers receive emails to confirm service requests, vendor acceptance, schedule changes, pickups, and cancellations. Notifications are sent close to real time, which helps customers stay informed.

4. To Grow, You Need Scalable Business Processes

It’s difficult to scale your business when processes are scattered across notebooks, whiteboards, diagrams, emails, documents, or your own brain. To grow faster and more efficiently (and make your business more salable in the process), it’s important to operationalize your processes by implementing the right tools, systems, and technology.

RecycleERP Can Help: In addition to the ordering, reporting, and communication features that we’ve already discussed, RecycleERP provides a convenient way to manage all of your vendor relationships, invoice data, and contracts. The system also offers numerous “checks and balances” to help you avoid unexpected problems. For example, RecycleERP will flag vendor prices that exceed expected rates as invoice data is keyed into the system. Approval permissions help ensure the right users sign off on payments.

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